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Aggregates are granular materials, such as rocks, sand, and gravel. Aggregates can range from the large railway ballast, supporting trains; to the small pebbles embedded in exposed aggregate concrete.

Aggregates are manufactured to very precise specifications determined by the customer’s tender documents. These products are not interchangeable with an aggregate material that do not meet specificatins.
Stacking Des. 7-10 City of Edmonton Specification Sand
Alberta Transportation has very specific requirements for each aggregate product. Everything from Drainage Rock to Road Crush is sorted classified. FT Aggregates offers a wide range of aggregates that meet Alberta Transportation’s Aggregate Specifications.

Tap the download button to get a copy of the Alberta Transportation Aggregate Specifications Table.
FT Logistics Truck Loading Aggregates at PIt 23 | FT Aggregates
The City of Edmonton has their own unique designation and class system. They cover a wide range of applications from stabilized soil cement to radon gas mitigation. Due to our proximity to the city of Edmonton we build a lot of products that meet their specifications. Alberta Transportation and the City of Edmonton have very different aggregate designations, they are not interchangeable.

To download a copy of the City of Edmonton Aggregate Specification Table tap the download button below.
If you are building a road, railway, bridge or even a retaining wall then you know you need a solid foundation. We produce many different road crush aggregates to meet those needs. From acreage driveways to commercial developments, we have a material that will work perfectly.

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Stacking Drainage Aggregates at FT Aggregates Pit 23

Drainage Rock

Drainage aggregates are classified as materials that have been sized to allow water to flow through. These products are widely used in the civil and residential construction industries. Every time water management is an issue, the solution will involve drainage aggregate.

Drainage rock can rounded, fractured, or mixed. to learn where to use each drainage aggregate tap the below.

Electrical Resistivity Rock

Electrical Resistivity is a vital property of any aggregate when high voltages or buried conductors exist. Electrical resistivity is a large factor when choosing an aggregate for sub stations, power generation plants, or even transmission lines.

To learn more about electrical resistivity and how it correlates to multiple aggregate properties, tap the button below.

Railway Ballast & Sub-Ballast

Railways are vital pieces of infrastructure around the world. They carry thousands of tonnes across vast distances every day. When building something so important, it is crucial that the aggregate meets the specification. FT Aggregates builds railway ballast and sub-ballast for some of Canada’s largest railway contractors.

To view the railway ballast and sub-ballast we manufacture tap the button below.

Fractured and Screened Rock

Fractured and Screened Rock has many applications, everything from top dressing driveways to radon gas mitigation under the foundations of residential homes. FT Aggregates manufactures a variety of screened aggregate products, sorted by size and source material. Please note that fractured and screened rock will have a small amount of residual fines as it has not been through a wash plant.
12.5mm Silver Creek Rock

Washed Round Rock

Washed round rock is a free draining aggregate that has been tumbled resulting in smooth rounded appearance. FT Aggregates offers a wide variety of sizes, colours, and mixed washed round aggregates. Our aggregates can be found in school playgrounds, around shopping centers, municipal buildings, and residential front yards all over central Alberta.

To learn more about washed aggregates or to view the products that FT Aggregates manufactures tap the button below.
30-65mm ( 1"– 2½" ) Grey Nordegg Limestone


Limestone is a dark grey rock used in the production of cement. It also provides a bold colour palette for landscaping contractors and designers. This specialty product is trucked in from Nordegg, a small hamlet in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, to our aggregate pits south of Camrose. FT Aggregates maintains these stockpiles of different sized limestone throughout the summer months.

Tap the button below to view the different limestone products.

Decorative Rock

FT Aggregates maintains multiple decorative rock product lines through a combination of aggregate mining, manufacturing, washing and sometimes sourcing. This is the reason they are the preferred aggregate source for landscape center and bulk yards across Alberta. FT Aggregates has helped landscape yards provide better service, more products, and competitive prices for many years.

If you are looking for commercial quantities of our decorative rock or to start your own landscape yard, tap products button. If you want under 14 tonnes at a time please tap the FT Landscape button to redirect to the consumer landscape supply site.


Sand is an ambiguous term used to describe fine but not too fine aggregates. There are many classification of sand, and even more uses. Sand can be used as a natural water filter or as a bedding for laying electrical conduits. FT Aggregates maintains stock piles of multiple types of sand, for use in a range of industries. They can also build custom sand products based off of a provided aggregate gradation.

Tap the button below to learn more about the different types of sand that FT Aggregates produces.

Traction Aid

ROCKS Traction-Aid is FT Aggregates first venture into the retail traction aid market. After finding commercial success with their 5mm Fractured and Screened Rock they went on package it in convenient containers and distributed them across Alberta. ROCKS Traction-Aid is still available in commercial quantities.

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