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Snow Removal Camrose

If you need snow cleared, pushed, moved, or removed in Camrose, then we have the gear!

FT Aggregregates has been clearing snow in Camrose and the surrounding area for 22 years. We have a full fleet of tandems, end dumps, graders, front-end loaders, skid steers, sidewalk machines, and much more ready to take care of your snow clearing and snow removal needs.

Snow Removal | Storefronts and Sidewalks

We have a fleet of equipment for clearing snow off of sidewalks. From backpack blowers, to brand new Toolcats with sweepers and blades; we have invested time and money into our gear to provide you with a quality service. Our sidewalk crews run Toolcats with brooms and snow blades, they also carry backpack blowers, ice-melter, traction aid, and good ol’ shovels. The crews start very early in the morning to help your staff get to work safely.

Each piece of equipment is meticulously maintained, ensuring it is always ready to remove the snow from your business fronts, sidewalks, and walking trails.

When we send a snow crew to your site, they always come prepared. They will spread ROCKS Traction Aid and/or Alaskan Ice Melter where it is needed. Providing peace of mind, and preventing slips and falls are top priorities.

Technology for Peace of Mind

Slip and falls are a huge concern for business owners, contractors, investors, and insurance companies alike. Without proper action and documentation, they often lead to costly legal battles and negative public relations. We provide access to our digital platform for our customers. Our platform contains all of our documentation, which is tracked and stored digitally.
We also send you an email every time we are onsite. This email will include the services provided, the time-on-site, as well as before and after pictures.


We have a massive fleet of equipment and trucks dedicated to snow removal. We uses everything from graders and skid-steers to huge tractor mounted snow blowers.

24/7 Snow Clearing

Sleep easy knowing we have your site cleared before you get to work. We clear snow all night to ensure minimal disruption to your business.

Industry Leading Tech

We have implemented software so we can reduce exposure to slip fall claims; by ensuring your site information is Stored Digitally. This information includes when are operators are on and off site, gps tracking of all our guys and gear with before and after pictures of every site before and after they are completed.

Snow Removal | Roads, Airports, and Parking Lots

Sometimes it just snows too much, that’s when municipalities call us in! We have enough equipment to clear roads, airports, parking lots, and even drivethrus efficiently.

We only use heavy equipment when clearing large areas, this not only saves you money but the minimize risk of an incident with the public. Removing snow from large areas at one time allow us to spend less time in reverse; when collisions are most likely to happen. We use a combination of front loaders, skid steers, graders, tractor mounted snow blowers, end dump semis, tandem trucks, and a sanding truck to ensure an effective snow clear.

After clearing the snow from an area we apply our ROCKS Traction Aid over the surface. Our traction aid is spread by our single axle truck Lil Blue, with a sand spreader installed.

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